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Promoted by Independent candidate Bruce Gauld, 22 Amory Road, Dulverton,Somerset, TA22 9DY


About Independent candidate Bruce Gauld

My family moved to Somerset in 1965 and to West Somerset in 1972. I currently live in Dulverton.

I am single and have no children. At the present time I am not in employment. In my last employment I worked for 18 years for a small garage in Norton Fitzwarren.

I am paying for my campaign from my own resources.

I am receiving no financial support from any individual or business. I am not now and never have been a member of any Political Party.

I am standing as an Independent so that I can say what I think and the electors of Taunton Deane can know that I am not constrained by any Party membership.

If elected I would not do or take any other employment. I consider being an MP a full time job. If I was elected and the proposed 11% pay rise for MPs was enacted I would not accept it. The present salary of £67,000 per annum is more than adequate.

I would also ensure that my expenses were as low as possible.

My Education

After various primary schools I passed the 11-Plus (that shows how old I am) and then went to Public School.

Yes, another “toff”. Except that the Public School I went to is Christ's Hospital which is a Benevolent Foundation, in other words a charity. I managed to get in because 1: I passed the Entrance Exam; 2: More importantly my parents were not well off, if they had been I could not have been educated there. You had to be poor.

Unfortunately because of financial constraints that is no longer true, some pupils there do pay full fees, however a large percentage do still  obtain their education because their parents are poor.

I managed to obtain a number of “O” and “A” Levels and then went to Bristol Polytechnic (UWE as it now is) to study Town Planning. However, after a year I decided it was not for me, I do not have a bureaucratic mind, a necessary prerequisite to be a planner. Also I was wasting the taxpayers' money.

My Work History

As holiday jobs I worked on a farm making cheese, and also in a commercial laundry.

I worked as a chainman (surveyor's assistant) on the construction of the Bond Street Tube Station on the new Jubilee Line in London

I was a clerk/cashier for the National Westminster Bank

A petrol cashier on Taunton Deane Motorway Services.

A laboratory analyst at the Milk Marketing Board in Wellington.

A salesman at a TV/HiFi shop in Station Road in Taunton.

A hall porter at the Castle Hotel in Taunton.

And my final job (so far) I worked for 18 years at a small garage in Norton Fitzwarren.

Yes, I did have short periods of unemployment and I did claim benefits during some of those periods.

As a footnote I did apply for many other jobs but was not successful. Some of the more interesting ones were 1:Army Officer - after attending a Pre Officer Selection Course I was interviewed by the Lieutenant Colonel in charge and was told that they did not really want someone  like me in the Army. Was he right – almost certainly! 2:Traffic Warden – I was told I had the wrong attitude, I assumed they meant they thought I would be too lenient! 3: Prison Officer – I passed the written paper and the medical apart from my eyesight. I wear glasses but you had to have a certain standard without them – mine was not good enough.

My Interests

Archaeology, architecture, old cars and last, but not least, politics. For almost all my life politics has been the subject guaranteed to make my blood pressure soar. That is the reason why I have now decided, at long last, to do something. Can I get elected, and, if elected can I make a difference?That will be down to you, the electors of Taunton Deane.